Pig ban partially lifted by Brussels

22 August 2000

Pig ban partially lifted by Brussels

by FWi staff

BRUSSELS has partially lifted its ban on English exports of live pigs and boar semen imposed following the outbreak of swine fever in East Anglia.

The Standing Veterinary Committee said the ban could be lifted except for in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex – the counties where the disease has been identified.

A total of 5 cases of swine fever have been confirmed, all in the East Anglia region, since the European Commission was notified of the outbreak on 8 August.

A statement from Brussels on Tuesday (22 August) said the committee recognised the efforts made by UK government officials to contain the disease.

The statement said that the commission would continue to monitor and evaluate developments in close contact with the UK authorities.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, agriculture minister Nick Brown had claimed that any extension of the ban would have been unjustified.

There have been no confirmed outbreaks of swine fever since 12 August and Mr Browns advisors believe the outbreak has now been contained.

Nevertheless, more than 12,000 pigs have been slaughtered. The Standing Veterinary Committee will review developments when it meets again next month.

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