Pig Brother to raise cash for farmers

30 August 2001

Pig Brother to raise cash for farmers

By FWi staff

THE summer hit Big Brother may have disappeared from TV screens but Pig Brother, the farming equivalent, will be on the Internet from 1 September.

Richard Counsell of Somerset Organics is training web cameras on a group of pigs and giving viewers the chance to vote one animal out of the sty each week.

Mr Counsell said he was expecting millions of people to visit the site to see the infamous pigs and hopefully to find out more about farming.

He also hopes to raise money for charity — 20p from every phone call will go to the Supporting Farmers in Crisis fund.

Together we can all help some of the hardest hit families get back on their feet and have a bit of fun at the same time, he said.

Unlike their human counterparts Bubble, Helen, Brian and Dean, the pigs are called Blair, Beckett, Brown, Widdecombe and Portillo.

The Pig Brother website is at Somerset Organics.


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