Pig farmers picket Unigate

26 May 1999

Pig farmers picket Unigate

By Isabel Davies

DESPERATE pig farmers yesterday picketed Unigates headquarters in London to convey their dissatisfaction at the companys approach to the current crisis.

Around 80 farmers from East Anglia and Yorkshire gathered to confront board members of the firm about their commitment to the UK pig industry.

The farmers claim that imports of Irish pigs processed at Unigates Malton Bacon factory shows that the company doesnt care whether UK pig producers survive.

The protest, which was organised by British Pig Industry Support Group (BPISG), finished after a two-hour meeting between the protesters and two Unigate executives.

Matthew Atkin, one of the protesters who is also a BPISG member, described the exercise as well worthwhile.

“If nothing else the board knows how we are suffering,” he said.

Nobody from Unigate was unavailable for comment.

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