Pig farmers told to look east

26 July 2000

Pig farmers told to look east

FARMERS should look east in order to find a lucrative market for pedigree pigmeat, advises a specialist in traditional breeds.

Although many pig farmers have got out of business in the current crisis, there are opportunities Japan, says British Pig Association chairman Robert Overend.

Meat from traditional Berkshire and Middle White breeds are very popular there because Emperor Akihito likes to eat these, he said.

Its like people following royalty in England, everybody wants to follow what the emperor does, explained Mr Overend.

He said if enough producers kept these breeds up to 1000 carcasses could be exported to Japan each month.

If you can drop into a niche market, it doesnt matter where it is or how difficult it is to get, said Mr Overend.

If youre getting a realistic price for your pigmeat, then you can continue when other people are in difficulties.

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