Pig feed hopper is tough but mobile

14 August 1998

Pig feed hopper is tough but mobile

SIMPLE to operate, easy to move and fully watertight is how Blacke Lyon describes its multi-purpose Sable pig feed hopper.

Made of high density polyethylene, with coated steel components, the hopper releases a pre-set amount of feed when pigs nudge trigger bars, cutting feed waste, says the company.

Hoppers hold up to 500kg of feed, have individual feed spaces and can cater for weaners from 8-30kg or finishers from 20-100kg, depending on specification. Water drinkers can also be included.

Suitable for either indoor or outdoor systems, the Sable hopper retails for £395 plus £20 carriage (01366-347300, fax 01366-347500).

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