Pig marker dries on skin contact

11 April 1997

Pig marker dries on skin contact

LONGER life and better control, giving the quick drying performance of an aerosol coupled with the control of a pen are the claims for the MarkRite pig marker from manufacturer Labtec.

Trials have shown that the marker lasts longer than aerosols. Unique technology means the ink dries instantly on the animals skin, yet will not dry up in your pocket, says Labtec.

The marker colour is held in microscopic plastic capsules which break when the marker is rubbed on the skin, releasing the dye and a solvent which evaporates instantly, it says.

MarkRite is available as a pocket-sized marker, equivalent to two 400ml aerosols, and is available in red, blue or green at a cost of £3-4 (01543-415215).

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