Pig men get 11-day levy holiday

25 November 1999

Pig men get 11-day levy holiday

By FWi staff

THE Meat and Livestock Commission to suspend the pork and bacon promotion levy of 65p/pig from late-December until the rest of the financial year.

The move, confirmed on Thursday, followed a recommendation from the British Pig Executive, will save a typical 400-sow unit around £1,500.

It is hoped the suspension can be introduced from 20 December following a statutory consultation period, which the MLC says will be conducted as quickly as possible.

MLC chairman Don Curry said the promotion of pigmeat will continue to take place throughout the suspension period, funded from MLC reserves.

The British Pig Executive, which is the marketing arm of the pig industry, says British farmers have lost more than £320 million since May of last year.

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