Pig muck dumped outside supermarket

06 January 1999

Pig muck dumped outside supermarket

by FWi staff

RETAILER Budgens has hit back after a disgruntled pig farmer dumped a trailer load of manure outside one of its supermarkets.

Ten tonnes of pig manure were dumped outside Budgens in Ipswich on Monday in protest at the supermarkets policy of buying Belgian pigmeat.

Many farmers claim that the imported pigmeat is produced under animal welfare conditions which would be illegal in this country using meat and bonemeal feed.

The rearing of sows tethered in cramped stalls was outlawed in the UK just days ago but a similar ban in other European countries is still years away.

In a statement sent to FWi, a spokesman for Budgens admitted that the supermarket does purchase certain pork products.

But the farms in Belgium from which Budgens purchases its pork are subject to UK codes on animal welfare and production, said the statement.

“The pigs are not stall and tethered. They are fed no meat or bonemeal, nor are they subject to illegal drugs.”

In the light of recent developments, which include militant protests by British pig producers, Budgens is reviewing its policy of sourcing pork from Belgium.

“However, it must be appreciated that Budgens product sourcing policy has to take into account long term value to customers,” the statement concluded.

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