Pig prices improve over 100p/kg

By Peter Crichton

THE latest UK AESA has improved after last weeks technical dip to stand at 100.97p/kg deadweight.

At the same time, contract buyers are putting more money on the table to secure their share of a dwindling supply of UK pigs.

Malton continues to lead the way and are now reported to be looking for gilt pigs up to 90kg deadweight in the 102-106p/kg range.

This will produce a bottom-line return of close to 100/head for 12mm probe pigs at the top of the weight range.

Cull sow prices are also reflecting a better overall export demand for manufacturing grade pigmeat.

This market has been helped by the relative stability of the Euro, which has been pegged in the 62-63p/kg range for the past six weeks.

Most cull sow quotes are between 65-67p/kg deadweight, which values the average sow at around 90.

Weaner returns are also holding up well although, with many farms in the eastern region still suffering from the effects of PDNS and PMWS, healthy pigs from other regions are at a premium.

This week the Farmers Weekly average ex-farm price for 30kg vaccinated and tail-docked weaners was 33.83.

Trade quotes for 7kg weaners have risen to between 21.75 and 23.25 per pig.

  • Peter Crichton is a Suffolk-based pig farmer offering independent valuation and consultancy services to the UK pig industry

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