Pigs and poultry in Royal Show setting

1 September 2000

Pigs and poultry in Royal Show setting

PIG and poultry producers will have an extra reason to visit the Royal Show next year.

Special areas devoted to both sectors are being planned for next years event which takes place at the National Agricultural Centre, Warks between July 2-5.

Joined forces

farmers weekly and sister magazine Poultry World have joined forces with the Royal Agricultural Society of England to provide the special areas in the year in which no British Pig and Poultry Fair is planned

"The new initiative will give pig and poultry buyers and sellers the opportunity to continue with their annual visit to Stoneleigh showground with added benefit of the Royal Shows wider agricultural content," said FW Editor Stephen Howe.


"Many visitors and exhibitors were disappointed at the decision to hold Pig and Poultry Fair once every two years and weve received considerable encouragement for this initiative," he added.

There will be two poultry areas; the present outdoor area and a new area in the purpose-built exhibition Hall 2.

The outdoor poultry area will include a demonstration of free- range and organic systems for the production of both eggs and poultry meat.

The Hall 2 exhibit will focus on the topics of processing, packing, grading and marketing. Key emphasis will be placed traceability and product assurance.

Current rings

The special area for pig producers will be focused around the current pig showing rings and will contain a larger number of trade stands.

The next British Pig and Poultry Fair will take place at Stoneleigh between May 15 and 16, 2002.

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