Pigs with full guts transport poorly

4 July 1997

Pigs with full guts transport poorly

REVISED pig feeding management before transport could cut mortality and improve pig cleanliness.

Speaking at a Cambac JMA open day, researcher Helen Riches said that a survey conducted by the group showed 15% of pigs that left the farm clean were dirty when they arrived at the abattoir.

That has implications for hygiene at the abattoir and the efficient passage of pigs through the system.

Higher levels of dunging and vomiting during transit are linked to pre-transport feeding management. Cambac has established that over a third of producers did not withdraw feed before transport.

"Recommendations for feed withdrawal times in EU countries vary between two and 22 hours pre-transport," she said.

"Clearly there is a need for advice based on research. We have to be aware that too long a withdrawal period could be conceived as poor welfare. Conversely, when pigs are transported with full guts, mortality during transit increases, affecting profitability," she said.

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