Pilot system compatible

13 March 1998

Pilot system compatible

REVISED software in Hardis Pilot sprayer control system has given the firm compatibility with yield mapping information.

The system has been developed to provide compatibility with the yield mapping units used by Claas and AGCO, so sprayer applications can be tailored to yield variations.

"The new Pilot GPS system can be fitted to any Hardi sprayer and when linked to the Claas and AGCO in-cab terminals, will alter the application rates according to the yield map information," explains Peter Clarke, Hardis technical services manager.

Developed in-house, the Pilot GPS control system adds about £1600 to the cost of the sprayer.

Hardi has also introduced updated software for its Metpole portable weather transmitter.

The revised software is now a Windows 95-based program, which costs about £200 to upgrade.

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