Plan to protect farm sub-tenants

14 December 2000

Plan to protect farm sub-tenants

By FWi staff

THE government is discussing plans to protect sub-tenants on agricultural holdings, following a court ruling which denied them security of tenure.

The proposals are included in a consultation document prepared and published by the Ministry of Agriculture.

It follows a House of Lords ruling that a sub-tenant farmer had no security of tenure following the termination of the head tenancy by Notice to Quit.

George Dunn, chief executive of the Tenant Farmers Association, said the Lords ruling meant landlords and head tenants could force tenants off land.

He welcomed the MAFF consultation, saying the Lords ruling was in complete contrast to the view taken previously by the courts.

“Sub-tenants who entered into their agreements in good faith are powerless to prevent their own eviction,” said Mr Dunn.

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