Plant breeders assist RL trials

15 February 2002

Plant breeders assist RL trials

PLANT breeders are helping to ensure this years PGRO Recommended List trials provide the best possible assessment of pulse varieties within the cash available.

The programme had been threatened by DEFRAs decision to withdraw its contribution to PGRO funds which represented about 10% of the total £120,000 cost, says director Geoffrey Gent.

Now the BSPB has agreed to undertake three extra pea variety trials to supplement the core programme carried out by NIAB, PGRO and Westcrop.

Independent evaluation of varieties will not be compromised, says Mr Gent. "We shall follow the progress of the trials very carefully. We have a good working relationship with all concerned and I am confident we will get credible and useful data."

Breeder trials have long been an accepted part of the RL system, says the BSPBs Penny Maplestone. "All the trials data are independently verified and analysed. We wanted to help because breeders have some very good material coming through." &#42

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