30 November 2001



PLANNING ahead is vital for any business, but a recent survey by a major bank worryingly revealed that less than half of Britains farmers prepare even a simple budget.

This was one of the reasons that prompted David Neill, a partner at the Andersons Centre and a farm business consultant, to develop ABC Quickplanner in conjunction with farmers weekly and Farmplan Computer Systems.

"There is clearly a need for a simple farm budget planner. Many of the current packages are not that easy to use.

"I think a lot of farmers are getting so bogged down with detailed cash flow projections they cant see the bigger picture."

ABC Quickplanner allows stock and arable producers to enter proposed cropping and stocking regimes which it then analyses to calculate potential gross margins and profitability.

One of the softwares major advantages, according to Mr Neill, is that it already incorporates benchmarking figures from the Agricultural Budgeting and Costing Book. "There is no need for a farmer to search for lots of numbers, half the job has already been done."

Benchmarking a farm business is very important, says Mr Neill. "How do you know how well you are doing unless you have something to measure your performance against?"

He believes that ABC Quickplanner can help farmers to make fundamental decisions about the principles of their business structure which can be a useful pre-cursor to a more detailed discussion with an accountant or business consultant.

ABC Quickplanner costs only £95 and this includes two free updates from the Agricultural Budgeting and Costing Book. As an added advantage these updates are easily available by logging on to

The price also includes a back-up service from Farmplan in case of difficulties operating the system. But Andrew Westrope, who helped develop the program, says it is designed to be used by all farmers irrespective of computing ability.

Anybody interested in this unique system can give it the once over at next weeks Agrivision show where an Andersons Centre consultant will be on hand to run through the program.

Simply fill in the attached coupon and take it along for a free benchmarking and demonstration of how ABC Quickplanner can help your business.

Those unable to attend the Agrivision show can get further details from David Neill at the Andersons Centre (01664-567766). &#42

Complete this coupon and bring it along to farmers weekly (stand 67) at Agrivision on Dec 5 and 6 for a demonstration of the ABC Quickplanner.

Crop Hectares

Winter wheat ……….

Winter barley ……….

Winter oilseed rape ……….

Spring beans ……….

Potatoes – maincrop ……….

Spring peas ……….

Livestock Number

Dairy –

Holstein Friesian (autumn) ……….

Dairy –

Holstein Friesian (spring) ……….

Dairy – replacements ……….

Pigs – breeding ……….

Beef sucklers – autumn ……….

Beef finishing (winter stores) ……….

As simple as ABC… The Quickplanner is an easy-to-use, effective budgeting tool. Try it out at next weeks Agrivision event at the NAC, Stoneleigh.

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