Plough frill is gone

8 October 1999

Plough frill is gone

KVERNELAND has launched a plough which it describes as being a straightforward model with no frills and no extras.

The EM plough, available in three-, four- and five-furrow builds, with fixed furrow widths of 14in, 16in and 18in, is aimed at the farmer who just wants a plough – not one festooned with automatic adjustments.

Constructed with a one-piece box section beam with the plough beams bolted directly to it – there are no add-on furrows – the 3- and 4-furrow models are fitted with the companys 160 headstock and the 5-furrow with the 240 version.

* The Irish plough market currently comprises sales of between 200 and 250 units – a figure which has remained reasonably static over recent years. Kverneland claims to have a 60-70% market share and reports that four-furrow ploughs take the lions share of the market.

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