Plough/press together

29 May 1998

Plough/press together

FED up with carting furrow presses about? A new system from Dutch maker Cappon could ease things.

Now marketed in the UK by Eastwood Trading is a press unit which attaches to the plough in a manner not too dissimilar to the Cappon soil mixer units already sold in the UK.

Available for ploughs having up to five-furrows, the press has a series of vertical discs which, suspended on arms to allow the unit to caster, remain in a straight line with the direction of the plough irrespective of how the plough is set in terms of furrow width.

The manufacturer concedes it is not perhaps suitable for the heaviest of soils. For medium to light soils, the system is deemed to offer an alternative to the cumbersome furrow press. Prices have yet to be announced. &#42

Furrow press and plough in one unit is the latest development from Cappon to be marketed in the UK by Eastwood Trading.

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