Pollution controls take stronger line

20 February 1998

Pollution controls take stronger line

Maximising use of poultry manure and improved pig

management were the subjects of MAFF sponsored

conferences held by ADAS last week. Emma Penny and Simon Wragg report

PIG and poultry producers will be subject to more stringent legislation next year, requiring them to prevent or minimise pollution to help safeguard the environment.

The Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control directive (IPPC) aims to reduce pollution to air, soil and water and minimise dust, noise, heat and smell, explained ADAS senior poultry consultant Philip Canning.

"Carrying on with equipment and practices of the past will not often be an option," he warned.

As of Oct 30, 1999 – when the legislation comes into force – producers will require a permit for new installations, while existing units will have eight years to update and improve practices before a permit will be required.

"MAFF has produced a consultation paper on implementing the new directive, but the ideas in that are likely to change. However, the issues must be raised now so that you have time to think about them in relation to your own unit."

Among the measures mooted in the proposals are a maximum application of 250kg/ha organic manures over the farm area in crops and grass, keeping records of where manure and slurry has been spread and incorporating it within 24 hours of spreading, except on grassland.

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