Potato tips complete MORIS program set

27 June 1997

Potato tips complete MORIS program set

A MODULE covering all aspects of potato husbandry is the new addition to the Morley Information System – MORIS – completing the research centres computer-based series.

Practical advice is given through strategy modules on, for example, seed management, herbicides, fertilisers and insecticides. The information has been compiled and edited by agronomist John Ward.

"It contains a key for trouble- shooting to help identify pests, diseases and physiological disorders and also contains a review of all relevant pesticides, fungicides and herbicides – what they will do and how they will achieve this."

As with all the modules, there are numerous "hot keys" which cross-reference information to other sections and modules.

Main crops covered

The potato module completes the MORIS series, which covers the main crops grown by members – sugar beet, wheat, barley, oilseed rape and linseed.

MORIS is available from Farmplan Computer systems, priced £50 for Morley Members or £150 for non-members, with the crop modules at £80 for members or £100 for non-members.n

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