Poultry shed pests are foiled by deadly double

2 August 2002

Poultry shed pests are foiled by deadly double

OUTSTANDING effectiveness in the control of all common poultry house insect pests is offered by Labtecs recently released product Tyrant 50-50.

Tyrant 50-50 combines a potent synthetic pyrethroid with a specific knock-down agent to provide a broad-spectrum insecticide effective against litter beetles, lice, mites and flying insects, says Labtec.

When used directly after birds have been moved from sheds, Tyrant should be applied as a low pressure spray at 12ml/litre of water and has excellent residual effects on both porous and non-porous surfaces, says David Tavernor of Labtec.

Tyrant has negligible colour and is available in a 500ml auto-dose pack, which will treat more than 800sq m and costs £60 (01270-214004, fax 01270-250703).

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