29 June 2001


Edited by David Cousins

The endless procession of rainy days may have halted, but their legacy – badly damaged soil structure – lives on. Many of the

heavy-land fields currently in set-aside will have to be pulled up and the resulting mixture of concrete and Christmas pudding somehow knocked into something resembling a seedbed.

So it doesnt take a genius to guess that the doughty power harrow will have a busier-than-usual autumn. With that in mind, we

provide a pictorial guide to maintaining your power harrow in tip-top condition.

Although we have used one particular make for the

article, most of the advice applies to all the different brand names available on the UK market.

This month we also try out a vice. Yes, a vice. For although most vices found bolted to farm workshop benches are probably older than the person using them (and look as if they were designed some time between 1760 and 1840), there is a rather clever alternative. Its expensive, but it could change your life for the better.

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