Power shift for ATV

19 June 1998

Power shift for ATV

A RETRO-FITTED power shift from Leeds-based ATV Direct could be the answer for farmers tired of changing gears manually.

The power shift system, which can be fitted to most makes of ATV, is designed to enable the operator to change gear by pressing buttons mounted on the handle bar – one to change up and another to change down.

Different makes of ATV require their own fitting kit, but the basic control system remains the same. An electric motor is attached to the gear change lever by a ball joint linkage and selects a gear.at the command of the appropriate button

Several safety features are built into the system. It is designed to prevent any gear selection unless the engine is operating between 200 and 1500rpm, while it also retains the use of the footpedal gearchange shifter in the event of a power failure.

Advantages of power shift listed by ATV Direct include ease of operation for those who spend long hours in the saddle and, of course, a solution to some of the restrictive problems experienced by physically handicapped or disabled riders.

Price of the ATV power shift system is listed at £298 with the actual mounting kit costing £89.

Latest figures for tractor registrations released by the Agricultural Engineers Association for May reveal that the market remains subdued. Sales in May were 32.3%down on the same period last year and the year-to-date figure is 44% down on 1997.

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