Power system pulls 220V from vehicle engine

10 October 1997

Power system pulls 220V from vehicle engine

A 220V electricity supply can now be generated from a vehicles engine using the Lucas Kienzle Travel Power system marketed by Automotive Services, Dublin.

When installed, the system offers two plug socket outlets with up to 3.5kW of power available. An optional 110v output can be specified.

The system requires a belt-driven generator, comparable in size to an alternator, to be fitted to the vehicles engine.

With the engine running at tick-over, claims the maker, the generator provides a 330V, three-phase power source. This output is then converted into 220V by the Travel Powers processing unit.

Using diode bridge crystals, the processor is able to produce a stable current on which microprocessor-based equipment can operate, regardless of changes in generator speed or load.

The Travel Power pack is priced from £2800 – a price which includes installation. &#42

Travel Power uses a vehicles engine to produce a 3.5kw, 220V electricity supply.

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