Premium scheme nears for suckler producers

SUCKLER cow producers in England will shortly be able to notify transfers and leases of quota to cover claims under the 1999 suckler cow premium scheme.

The notification period will open on Tuesday, 15 June and will run until Monday, 6 December 1999.

During the notification period producers will have an opportunity to obtain quota, or dispose of any surplus quota, for the 1999 suckler cow premium scheme (SCPS). The scheme will open for claims on 1 July.

Lord Donoughue, Food and Farming Minister said that the quota notification period would open two weeks in advance of the opening date for scheme claims.

This would allow producers who wish to submit their SCPS claims within the first week of the scheme opening to notify an acquisition of quota before submitting their claim, he said.

Producers with more than seven units of quota must use at least 90% of their suckler cow quota in the 1999 scheme year. If not, the unused quota will be withdrawn without compensation .

Those producers with seven or fewer units of quota must use 90% of their quota every other year if they wish to avoid having quota withdrawn.

To use quota in the context means either to claim premium on it or to lease it out to another producer.

Notification forms for the transfer and lease of suckler cow quota for the 1999 scheme will be available from MAFFs RSCs from 15 June.

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