Pressed apple pulp increases growth

8 March 2002

Pressed apple pulp increases growth

SEVERAL by-product based feeds being assessed at Rosemaund are proving their worth as forage extenders or replacers for all livestock species.

Alistair Jackson, Trident Feeds regional managers, told open day visitors that one feed, double pressed apple pulp from cider making, had an average of 28% dry matter (DM), an ME of 11 and about 5.3% protein.

"It is highly palatable and a good source of digestible fibre. Trials show it stimulates feed intake and improves growth rates."

Costing £12/t delivered, the product was a useful buffer feed for cows at grass, and could provide up to 20% of cows DM intake, finishing cattle or lambs and 10% of the intake of ewes.

The research unit is also assessing the potential of molassed wheatfeed pellets based on by-products of flour and sugar making. A mineralised and vitaminised version could be used to buffer feed cows at grass or as a silage replacer.

At Rosemaund, finishing cattle are gaining 1.2g/head/day on a ration made up of 5kg of the wheatfeed, 1kg of molassed sugar beet pulp, 0.5kg of rapeseed meal and ad-lib silage.

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