Prevent staggers

5 April 2002

Prevent staggers

IN TIME for spring turnout, Trouw Nutrition has launched a magnesium-based additive to prevent grass staggers in cattle.

Maxcare Mag Plus is available for mixing with feed, feeding free access or as a mineral bucket to maintain cows daily requirement of 25-35g of magnesium a day, says the company.

The product is also said to contain a high level of trace elements to balance those found in spring grass, and the natural plant extract, Rainbow ImP. This reduces ammonia levels associated with excess rumen degradable protein found in early grass and can improve rumen microbe efficiency, adds Trouw.

Cuprex 5 is also included to provide a phased release of copper and improve copper availability, particularly when there is excessive molybdenum in forage. The mineral is available in 25kg bags or 20kg, 50kg and 100kg buckets. It costs 4.5p/head a day to feed (01606-561000, fax 01606-41963).

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