Prize breeding cow rescued from silo pit

A prize breeding cow has been rescued after falling into a silo pit in Devon.

The cow was being moved from one area of the farm to another in Bigbury when it strayed from the herd and entered the barn.

The empty silo pit was at floor level to the barn and the cow fell in.

The farmer and his staff tried to rescue the cow but realised it was too dangerous.

Firefighters and a specialist animal rescue team from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service were called to assist.

They secured specialist animal lifting slings around the cow and then sedated the animal.

Once the cow was sedated the farmer brought in his mechanical telehandler, which was fitted with specialist lifting gear provided by firefighters.

The lifting strops were attached and the cow was carefully hoisted to safety.

After a short pause to shorten the lifting strops the cow was manoeuvred out of the barn using the telehandler, to a place set aside in another barn.

Apart from looking very dazed from the sedatives the cow looked none the worse for wear from its fall.

Sadly, the cow started calving early from the shock of falling into the silo-pit, and her calf was stillborn.

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