Prize-winning pump helps to beat staggers

10 December 1999

Prize-winning pump helps to beat staggers

WINNER of the New Product Award at this years DairyScot event in Edinburgh was the Calmag Pump, designed and manufactured by Colin Houseman from Banbury, Oxon.

The pump, first shown at this years European Dairy Farming Event, removes the need to hold bottles of calcium or magnesium in the air when trying to treat cows with milk fever or staggers.

His pump, retailing at about £20 and available from vets or animal health distributors, allows mineral bottles to be held upright, in one hand, with the bellows pumped to create pressure in the bottle to drive a continuous, steady flow of liquid into the vein or under the skin.

The pump and tubing are made from surgical plastics which can be sterilised and which do not present the same perforation problems associated with rubber products, he said.

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