Producers spell out reasons for joining lamb groups

By FW staff

INCREASED market power, guaranteed payments, better prices and more information on carcass quality were the main reasons for joining a lamb marketing group, according to a new survey.

Nearly half of producers questioned by Exeter University reported that joining Cornwall Quality Lamb Producers had led to better knowledge of grading lambs.

Slightly more knew more about what buyers wanted, but almost 90% said they needed to do more to meet these needs.

Two-thirds of members were satisfied that lambs were graded fairly, but only half of producers said they had a good relationship with their abattoir.
Many had sold direct to abattoirs before joining the group.

Nearly all agreed with their lamb being sold through supermarkets and believed consumers would be interested in a south-west brand.

Over 75% felt that genetically engineered livestock should not be acceptable, but the remainder were neutral on the issue.

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