Promising trials for OSR lubricants

31 January 1997

Promising trials for OSR lubricants

TWO new oilseed rape-based lubricants have been developed as bases for a wide range of lubricants after a Home-Grown Cereals Authority-funded study on low erucic acid rapeseed.

Biolube base oil and grease is aimed at the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. The Envirolube range is intended for industrial applications like hydraulic or cutting oils.

In trials Biolube 100 performed as well as a commercial chainsaw product. Similar wear rates, anti-sticking and consumption levels were recorded.

Commercial trials are now underway.

"The successful development has a wide range of applications and obvious environmental advantages," says independent researcher Alastair Wilkinson. "A broad range of industries could potentially benefit." &#42

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