Public need real facts about GM foods

24 July 2000

Public need real facts about GM foods

TONY Blair has urged consumers not be swayed by prejudice against GM food into damaging the prospects of an industry in which Britain is a world leader.

Speaking of the G8 summit in Okinawa, Japan the Prime Minister backed President Clinton in a row over GM food, reports The Guardian.

Mr Blair said for consumers to make a choice on GM food they had to be given the best science possible.

He said: “Our responsibility as leaders is to say to people, lets set up the best system so you get the real facts — not the prejudices of one side or the commercial interests of one side, but the facts and the science.”

He said the biotechnology industry, in which Britain was a leader, could in the next 50 years be as important as information technology has been in the last 50 years.

Earlier EU president Romano Prodi said European governments were behind the “precautionary principle”.

The Daily Mail said Mr Blairs comments would dismay campaigners in Britain who have said GM food should be treated with caution.

In February Mr Blair voiced doubts about the safety of GMOs, admitting there was “potential for harm”.

Prior to that Mr Blair had taken a more positive position on GM technology.

The Guardian also contains a report on conflict surrounding the introduction of GM technology around the world.

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