Push-off buckrake with Tyrone power

16 March 2001

Push-off buckrake with Tyrone power

COUNTY Tyrone-based, Trevor Reid Engineering has launched a new push-off buckrake designed predominantly for use with materials handler/shovel machines. The company has produced a heavy duty 2.92m (9ft 7in) wide buckrake built around a high backed frame which, it is claimed, is capable of heavy-duty operation.

The buckrake is supplied with a hinged back gate designed to provide maximum capacity and allow a complete push-off – two hydraulic rams equalise the pressure when operating the gate.

In the tine department heavy duty Kverneland tines are fitted in tapered bushings and this includes the six side tines fitted as standard. All linkages are equipped with grease nipples and brackets and hydraulic hoses to suit the handler can be supplied if required.

Unladen weight of the implement is around 500kg and prices start from £1800.

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