Putting on the squeeze

27 March 1998

Putting on the squeeze

WRAPPED and unwrapped square bales can be handled with ease, says Broadwater Machinery, using its latest loader attachment, the BKP big bale squeezer.

Designed with high output handling in mind, the bale squeezer is said to be capable of handling all types of big square bales up to a maximum weight of 1500kgs.

The BKP unit uses two clamping arms which are slid hydraulically across the attachment frame on a pair of guide bars. Bales can be handled lengthways or widthways in the squeezer, which opens from 0.7m to 2m in width.

Broadwater says quick-hitch brackets can be fitted to the machine, enabling it to be used on most telescopic handlers and loaders. Price starts at £2500. &#42

Squeezing wrapped big square bales with Broadwater Machinerys BKP handler.

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