Pyrethroids eco-friendly and mixable

10 October 1997

Pyrethroids eco-friendly and mixable

A NEW insecticide, claimed to be more environmentally-friendly than other pyrethroids, has been launched by pbi Agrochemicals.

Fury, based on zeta-cypermethrin, contains more of the two most active isomers of cypermethrin than other products, says technical manager Phil Goodliffe. Depending on the pest this makes it, gram for gram, about two-and-a-half times more active, he explains.

Furys solvent-free emulsion-in-water formulation is said to enhance its tank-mixing potential and make it less likely to damage crops when mixed with post-emergence herbicides.

Aimed at a range of pests, including BYDV-carrying aphids in cereals and pollen beetle, pod midge and seed weevil in oilseed rape, the new chemical will be "cost competitive with premium-priced pyrethroids", says Mr Goodliffe.n

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