Quick change for handling and dipping

10 July 1998

Quick change for handling and dipping

SET up for mobile sheep dipping quickly and alter the same trailer mounted facility to allow sheep handling in minutes, says supplier Portequip.

Its Mobile Sheep Dipping and Handling Trailer features a simple levelling winch and retractable ramps so it can be ready for use quickly.

It also has a decoy pen, a circular dipping bath and a drainage area for 20-30 sheep with a remotely operated gate, adds the company.

The dip is said to be easily converted to a handling race for drafting, or can accommodate an Ironworks Ewe Turn Rollover Crate for foot trimming and dagging.

The basic unit costs £3800 with optional see-through screens adding another £190 (01671-402775, fax 01671-403791).

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