Rabbit warren to be listed

20 April 1998

Rabbit warren to be listed

A COLONY of wild rabbits living in a warren in the English countryside could soon have their burrows listed as an ancient monument.

The warren – situated at Lubbesthorpe, near Blaby, Leicestershire – is a relic of medieval factory farming, when rabbits and hares were bred for eating, according to English Nature.

Many of the warrens were started by the Normans, who introduced rabbits to England in the 12th century. English Nature says the warrens provide an insight into the lifestyles of those living on large estates and are worthy of protection.

John Harvey, who farms the land that surrounds the warren, said the rabbits had never bothered him, although occasionally he had to cull them.

  • The Daily Telegraph 20/04/98 page 1, page 21 (Editorial)

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