Rain helps relieve overstocking woes

20 July 2001

Rain helps relieve overstocking woes

recent rain is a welcome relief for one Welsh producer coping with severe overstocking due to Form D restrictions.

A large proportion of Richard Davis grazing is some distance away from his Anglesey farm. "Foot-and-mouth prevented movement of youngstock to outlying fields early this year resulting in stocking rates being doubled and a grazing cycle of only eight days."

Grazing management has been overtaken by F&M with no choice on which areas to graze or ensile. In addition, fertiliser could not be applied to outlying areas, reducing silage yields.

Mr Davis abandoned measuring growth rates due to the extra time needed for F&M precautions.

Watching weather forecasts has been frustrating over the last few weeks, he says. After the last grazing cycle, fields were brown and it looked unlikely that there would be any grass for some time.

"Now the rain has arrived, swards have recovered rapidly. In addition, youngstock are being moved to outlying areas which is reducing the pressure on grazing." &#42

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