Ram EBVleaflet launch at Royal Welsh Show

25 July 1997

Ram EBVleaflet launch at Royal Welsh Show

Genetics and marketing for sheep and beef fertility were key topics at this weeks Royal Welsh Show.

Emma Penny reports

COMMERCIAL sheep producers preparing to buy rams at this autumns sales can refer to a new leaflet giving guidance on breed performance schemes and results.

The MLC, Suffolk, Charollais and Texel sheep societies joined forces under a MAFF marketing grant to prepare the leaflet, Your Passport to Profit, which was launched at this weeks Royal Welsh Show, Builth Wells.

The leaflet gives average estimated breeding values for ram traits from each breeds sire reference scheme. According to Signet regional manager Jim Stark, this means commercial breeders can look for sires with higher than average EBVs, improving lamb conformation and marketability.

MLC sheep strategy manager Stewart Hall urged all commercial producers to use EBVs when selecting rams. "Genetic improvement is vital for producing better lambs in the commercial sector so that we can meet market needs. A ram with high genetic potential is worth at least £600 a year in better returns."

Members of the Suffolk, Texel and Charollais sheep societies holding the ram EBVleaflet launched at the Royal Welsh Show with the MLCs Stewart Hall (back left) and Signet adviser Jim Stark (back right).

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