Ram sales slow as buyers bide time

By James Garner

RAM SALES have been slow for many sheep breeders this year.

Most purchasers are biding thier time before committing, while others have decided to make do with the tups they have.

Now it has reached crunch time for many flocks as the main tupping period of October and November approaches fast.

Lesley Stubbings, an independent sheep consultant, says ram sales are well behind, but that a lot of stock movements could take place in the next few weeks.

“Some buyers havent got their female replacements sorted out yet, so they arent sure how many tups they need and then theres the 21-day standstill to consider.”

The National Sheep Associations UK-wide ram sale register had a slow start too, but ram sale secretary Jane Smith says enquiries have been hotting up in past weeks.

The Eastern region NSA has also decided to organise a video package for its vendors, who film the stock themselves, and then send the footage to Melton Mowbray market.

John Maxwell, NSA Eastern region ram sale chairman, has been behind the project. “I hope the video will be similar to a buyers first look around a sale yard. Hopefully, something will catch their eye.”

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