Random safety check on sheep-dipping

05 September 1997

Random safety check on sheep-dipping

By FWi staff

HEALTH and Safety Executive inspectors will be making spot checks at random on North-of-England farms over the next couple of weeks.

The inspectors aim to make sure farmers and farmhands are not putting themselves at risk when dipping sheep. They will descend on farms in North Yorkshire and Durham in early September to ensure proper controls are in place and safety precautions are being taken.

HSE principal inspector Mel Raine said inspectors will be checking to see that Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations are being complied with.

Farmers “may be asked to justify the use of certain substances. In particular, we are interested in the safe use of organophosphorus substances and the risk assessments which should be carried out before use,” Mr Raine said.

  • Inspectors will be looking at what is available for dip operators to protect themselves against the dip tub, and against mist from sheep when the animals shake themselves;

  • Protective clothing will be examined; and

  • Training and knowledge of the dangers involved will be assessed.

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