Range-topping 9105 joins the Terra-Gator list

24 March 2000

Range-topping 9105 joins the Terra-Gator list

DUTCH-based Ag-Chem Europe has completed its series of Terra-Gator model upgrades with the introduction of a range-topping 9105 machine.

Replacing the 2505 model, the five-wheeled 9105 is described by Ag-Chem as a "model for the millennium", with improvements to cab visibility and ergonomics.

Key modifications to the cab include curved instead of rectangular glazing to allow for panoramic vision, while improved driver ergonomics call for an air-suspension seat and air conditioning fitted as standard.

In front of the cab, the 9105 sports the same 400hp 6-cyl Caterpillar engine which transmits mechanical drive to four rear wheels, the front wheel having optional drive. An important characteristic of the engine, says Ag-Chem, is the units power reserve. In normal traction conditions, the engine is designed to deliver 400hp at 2500rpm, but when sticky ground is encountered and revs drop to 2000rpm, power is increased to 425hp.

For transmission, the Terra-Gator employs a clutchless 18 speed gearbox which can be set in either automatic or manually shifted modes, while each of the machines 66x43x25 flotation tyres enable a ground pressure of 1.5bar under full load.

On the attachments front, the 9105 is designed to work with a range of Ag-Chem splash plate and injector slurry spreaders, with spreading widths of 36m and 9m, respectively.

Other attachments include a selection of German-built Tebbe manure spreading boxes up to 16t and Bredal top dressing spreaders for applying lime and fertiliser.

Ag-Chem Europe says the 9105 is built to a customers own specification and is available immediately for the UK market. &#42

Improved cab visibility and ergonomics are the main developments on Ag-Chem Europes latest top-end Terra-Gator 9105.

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