Rape performs poorly in Bedfordshire

27 July 2001

Rape performs poorly in Bedfordshire

JOHN IBBETT, managing director of Bedfordia Farms in Bedfordshire is disappointed with the oilseed rape harvest.

“Fortress yielded 3t/ha, when we have budgeted for 3.4t/ha.” 100ha (250 acres) of the crop has been cut, and he says they are a third of the way through.

Fortress has been grown on the farm for 3 years.

Angela, a six row feed barley, has performed well, however. “It has yielded 8.8t/ha, while we would normally expect 8t/ha. It is a big and bold sample.”

The specific weight is 66 kilos.

He says they are up to 2 weeks behind. They also have spring barley and winter wheat. The farm is based on a soil mixture of chalky clay boulder.

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