Rape yield below average in Kent

31 July 2001

Rape yield below average in Kent

BILL HARBOUR, who farms at Sheldwich near Faversham in Kent, has had oilseed rape yields below average for the farm.

40ha (100 acres) of Apex yielded 3.1t/ha (1.26t/acre) on the combine monitor. “The yields are nothing spectacular.” The farm average is about 3.7t/ha (1.5t/acre).

Escort and Fortress have had similar yields and Cohort has yielded 3t/ha (1.25t/acre).

The moisture is around 6%. “Sometimes it does not even register.”

“We have had as much as 5t/ha about 5 years ago.”

They are about half way through 120ha (300acres) cereal harvest on the chalk based farm. He predicts wheat starting after the weekend.

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