Rapeseed prices on hold

By FWi staff

OILSEED rape values have remained static over the past week, as farmers continue to hold on to stocks in the hope of better prices.

Values have changed very little from the start of the year.

They range between 114.50 to 117/t delivered to Liverpool, notes the Home-Grown Cereals Authority in its weekly MI report.

“This highlights the lack of volume currently trading on UK markets, despite estimates of large unmarketed rapeseed stocks from the record 1999 crop.”

Prices were unchanged at East Anglia this week, at 112.50/t for deliveries made in February.

Erith was also static at 114.50/t, while Liverpool dropped its February value by 50p to 115/t.

April to June deliveries fell 50p during the week, with East Anglia at 115/t, Liverpool at 118/t and Hull and Selby at 111/t.

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