Reader safety tip: take time out to assess the situation

Lincolnshire farmer Tim Ransome has been picked as this month’s winner of the Farmers Weekly health and safety tip of the month competition, run in association with Buckler Boots.

Mr Ransome’s safety tip is “stop and stand back and think for a minute, can I do this any better or safer”. He gave examples of where this would apply, for example: Should I stack bales under that roof before going on top?; quietly assess animals first before rushing into the cattle shed; and assessing the suitability of machines for the job.

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Mr Ransome runs a 200ha mixed farm between Grantham and Lincoln and says farming by himself makes him feel more vulnerable, which is why he takes the time out to stand back and assess the situation.

Mr Ransome picked Buckler Boots’ neoprene safety wellingtons from Chandlers Farm Equipment in Grantham as his prize for the monthly safety tip of the month competition.

If you have a safety tip and would like to share it with us, email . Every month we will be picking the best safety tip and the winner will get to choose a free pair of safety Buckler Boots.


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