Reader safety tip: turn off the radio when reversing trailers

Hampshire farm manager Ben Machen has been picked as the winner of the Farmers Weekly health and safety tip of the month competition, run in association with Buckler Boots.

Mr Machen’s safety tip is: “When reversing a trailer around the yard or into a building, turn off the radio and open the rear window so you can hear any shouted warnings.”

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His safety advice came after he witnessed an accident.

“Many years ago I saw my boss’s pick up truck shunted across the yard by the harvest student. He was oblivious to our shouts to stop as he had the latest happening sounds going full bore on the stereo.

“No one was hurt but it could have been serious if any one had been in the truck at the time,” Mr Machen said.

Mr Machen manages a 180ha sheep and arable farm at Vernham dean near Andover. His prize for submitting the tip is to choose a new pair of boots from the Buckler Boots range.

 If you have a safety tip and would like to share it with us, email . Every month we will be picking the best safety tip and the winner will get to choose a free pair of safety Buckler Boots.


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