Rear discharge version adds to west spreaders

12 July 2002

Rear discharge version adds to west spreaders

COMPLEMENTING the Harry West range of side delivery Dual muck spreaders is now a new rear discharge machine.

The 10t capacity spreader offers several new features when compared with earlier models. Most innovative, perhaps, is the direction of the twin vertical rotors which, unlike most designs, turn to exit muck from the sides rather than the middle of the machine.

This has the advantage that, instead of trying to force large volumes of muck through a confined central area – where the rotors over lap, the material has a wider exit point on either side of the rotors.

The bonus is that where muck is contaminated with rocks and other potentially rotor-damaging objects, the gap is wider for them to pass through. This feature is further enhanced by having sprung side bars which can flex if a large obstacle needs to pass through.

Drive to the rear beaters is mechanical with the weight of the beaters taken by a sub frame, an arrangement which is designed to reduce the stress on the drive gearbox.

An electro-hydraulic sensing unit activates the feed conveyor into reverse mode if a blockage occurs.

Speed of the feed conveyor is via a cab-mounted control box – turning a dial changes its speed and, if required puts the conveyor into reverse. Spreading widths of up to 13m and application rates between 2-20t/ha can be achieved, says the manufacturer.

The new Harry West spreader also has a hydraulic slurry door and slurry spreader plates, hydraulic braking, road lights and 23.1 x 26 flotation tyres.

The firms rear discharge spreader costs from £17,825. &#42

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