Rear-mounted slurry injector unit offers added advantages

11 February 2000

Rear-mounted slurry injector unit offers added advantages

SLURRY disposal in Denmark is big business – the countrys livestock industry is vast, particularly in the pig production sector.

Last year, for example, Denmark farm produce exports amounted to about £4.9bn.

Agromek saw the introduction of a new slurry injection system from Kimadan which has the injector unit mounted on the rear of the tractor and the tanker trailed behind it.

It is a configuration which the manufacturer says offers several advantages over the traditional tractor/tanker/injector line up – the operator can see how the injector unit is performing and there is better weight transfer from the tractor.

The NF610 has a working width of 6m and is equipped with 24 outlets at 25cm intervals. An opening disc is followed by a tine which has the slurry delivery pipe directly behind. A press wheel then closes the slot and helps seal the slurry in. Slurry is pumped from the tank to the outlets via a distribution head designed to prevent blockages occurring.

Kimadan claims the NF610 is capable of working on grass or stubble with only minimal disruption of the surface. For transport, the two injectors two sections fold vertically. &#42

Mid-mounted slurry injection with the new 6m unit from Kimadan.

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