Red tractor logo symbol of hope, survey shows

15 June 2001

Red tractor logo symbol of hope, survey shows

ONE year after its launch, the NFUs little red tractor logo is recognised by nearly one-third of all shoppers, which is equivalent to 21m people, an NFU survey shows.

But over 40% of shoppers who recognise the British Farm Standard logo do not realise that it denotes British farm produce, the survey of 2100 people reveals. It also indicates that only one-third of people who recognise the logo relate it to high standards of food safety.

The survey, published on Wednesday (June 13) to mark the logos first anniversary, shows that 60% of higher income shoppers are more likely to buy food carrying the mark.


A union report acknowledges that more needs to be done to ensure public recognition of the logo and what it stands for.

However, NFU president, Ben Gill, said its performance gives real encouragement for the future. "After the living hell of recent times, the red tractor is a symbol of hope and pride for farmers."

Applied to home-produced, farm assured produce, it is found on 550 product lines nationwide, the union says.

Sainsbury says it sells 8.5m products bearing the logo each week, while Tesco claims to sell £250m worth of logo-marked chicken each year. &#42

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