Reference Travellers flee slurry

11 August 2000

Reference Travellers flee slurry

CONGRATULATIONS to Tony Waring of Barton Mills, Mildenhall, Suffolk for
spraying 9,000 gallons of pig slurry onto travellers who had invaded his
land, after a generous two day warning.

Very well done Sir.

Well I guess it had to come, compensation for farm crops damaged in the
search for little Sarah Payne.

Right or Wrong?, In my opinion, absolutly
correct, as tragic and terrible as the whole incident is, and yes the crop
had to be damaged to carry out a through search, its still a mans
livlihood, and someone has to pay, it just cannot be written off.

will eventually have to pay for the Police overtime, and that will
certainly exceed the 10,000 asked.

I understand the claim has now been
withdrawn, is this a genuine withdrawal, or because he knows the media is
baying for him?

John Black, Kennington, Oxford

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